Ptfa meeting 8/11/16

PTFA 8/11/16 Woodside pub

Apologies  T Driscoll  , S Heaton, H York , R Confue, M  Langrishe  , B Gaskin

Attendees, thankyou  : P Cotter, J Cotter, C Silva, J Andrews, A Richardson, L Banham.

in brief

Valentine’s disco Thursday 9 th Feb TBC , idea to involve school parliament in poster ideas and design

Summer disco Friday 23 rd June TBC ,to involve school parliament  in theme ideas multicultural summer festival or beach party

PTFA webpage and email J Andrews  has access and changes pages every so often , email address is

Christmas production Monday 19 th and Tuesday 20 th December  plan to sell mulled wine , minced pies ,gingerbread and custard biscuits and buns before all shows .ask Karen in kitchen to help bake?

Easter egg raffle draw Thursday 30 th March.

Uv Disco December 9 th to check on uv paint and glitter tattoos.

Bike scooter rack to measure where they will go , check on any available funding.

Request for gym equipment , can any more discount be squeezed from supplier? Request for foundation musical instruments , ongoing , possible appeal to parents for unused musical instruments, to see what type of thing was wanted

Request blackboard paint for outside board . Bob maintenance .

Appeal for more helpers / members , what we have achieved and what would not happen if there was no PTFA . IE: no disco, no leavers jumpers go on a newsletter when compiled.

Find PTFA constitution or to get one.

Find out what advent litergy consists of on mon 5 th Dec 6 pm

Next main meeting and AGM Monday 9 th Jan .

Summer Fayre Meeting 4th May 16

Wednesday 4th May 2016 ​​PTFA Meeting 

Present: I Taylor, R Greenacre, J Andrews, C Silva, H Yorke, S Heaton, J Cotter, and B Watters


Focus of today’s meeting was the school’s Summer Fayre on 24th June.

1. Bouncy castles – H Yorke had found a quoted price of £60 for both a castle and a ball pool, and J Andrews had found one for £40. It was agreed that H Yorke would look further into what castles were available and book one to go in the back playground (as it is the flattest area). Public liability should be covered.

2. Hog Roast – K Silva informed us that it needs at least 12 hours to cook beforehand, but that her contact would not be available on the day of the fayre. He could send a chef in his place, but there were concerns that we would have to pay for his time as well as for the meat. The current price is £160 for a hog large enough to feed 120 people. H Yorke suggested having a salad and pasta bar, and charging from £2-£2.50 for a plate. Other options included only having half the hog roast, but offering burgers and sausages – which would be preferable for smaller children. A reduced rate would be in place for vegetarians. As he ran the BBQ last year, it was agreed that we would ask D Schroeder to run the BBQ, and ask Karen to run the pasta/salad bar, and paying her for the extra time.

3. Sweet pots – these were a big success at last year’s fayre, but need a few adjustments. H Yorke suggested using clear pots so that the contents were clear. The Poundshop does similar sized pots to last year’s at 8 for £1. Other options were takeaway boxes, or plastic pint glasses. I Taylor and C Silva to look into.

4. Slushie Machine – H Yorke to check with Karen about costs to run it, as it was very popular last year!

5. In general, it was greed that there need to be more drinks available across the fayre, especially if it is hot.

6. Cream Tea Party – Leah has volunteered to run a cream tea party in the Foundation garden, with donations of baked goods/scones brought in on the day by volunteers.

7. A request will need to be put in the newsletter the week before about baking donations.

8. Craft Tables – J Andrews had looked into this, and found most table runners were happy to be charged £20 to set up a table, and that the PTFA’s public liability insurance should cover them. It was suggested that we advertise to parents who do crafts etc. and offer them a reduced rate. R Greenacre and S England to be contact points for interested parents.

9. Year 6 Stalls – B Watters suggested that the two classes be split between the two playgrounds to increase free flow of crowds.

10. Food stalls – not run in the middle playground, but in the back playground, as it is more hygienic and encourages more crowd movement.

11. Tombola – H Yorke enthusiastically offered to run the Tombola, with children to begin bringing in prizes over the next few weeks.

12. Raffle prizes – the TV is an option, though suggestions have been made that it goes to the new after-school club. R Greenacre to contact Plymouth Argyle for potential club merchandise/free tickets to use as raffle prizes.

13. Stamps – to encourage children and families to visit every stall, a passport-like system will be set up, with children collecting stamps from every stall they visit. Children with a full set will have their names into a hat to win a prize – separate from the raffle.

14. Clubs – it was suggested that the various school clubs could have opportunities to showcase what they have been doing. This led to the idea that there might be a programme of events, potentially with a map to guide new visitors to the school.

15. Mufti – On the day, children to pay £1 for wearing mufti to school. When they pay, they will get a raffle ticket. Each class to have personalised named tickets to ease process.

16. Banner and Balloons – I Taylor to talk to contact about getting one made for the Fayre at not too great a cost. H Yorke suggested a balloon stall, and will look into options for this.

17. Face painting/tattoos – it was suggested that the PTFA ask L Baines if she wants to run her face painting business, as she has public liability insurance.

18. Year 6 – will receive a float from the PTFA for their stalls, and will hopefully be given the opportunity to cash up at the end to get individual stall totals. A system will be in place when it comes to handling bank notes.

19. Hampers – each year will be asked to bring in a different set of items, which will be mixed into collective hampers as prizes in the raffle.

• EYFS – Toiletries

• Yr. 1 – Arts and Crafts

• Yr. 2 – Gardening

• Yr. 3 – Books

• Yr. 4 – Preserves

• Yr. 5 – Soft drinks

• Yr. 6 – chocolates

The hampers will be decorated fruit crates, and a school letter will be sent out detailing what each year will need to bring in as soon as possible.

20. Plant pots will need to go out 2 weeks before the Fayre.

21. Requests for cakes etc. will be made the day before/the day of the fayre to ensure freshness – make it clear that donations are more than appreciated, not a requirement.

22. J Andrews – a local PCSO is interested in running a table – she will look into further

23. C Silva to talk to her contact about the Fire service also running a table.

24. Every facility (bins, toilets, drinks etc.) needs to be clearly labelled, as this was an issue last year.

25. H Yorke suggested that Enrico’s mother could be approached about designing a programme/poster/information board for the different events of the Fayre.

26. B Watters suggested asking Notre Dame/St Boniface if they have any good links for prizes/table runners. They could also run a table themselves to increase school awareness. B Watters to contact them.

27. H Yorke suggested having large fancy dress suits to advertise the Fayre, but it was felt that there would be little profit to them.

28. Letters detailing what children need to bring for the hampers to be sent out by the next PTFA meeting, which will be Tuesday 24th May.

PTFA Meeting 13th April 2016

Register taken.

No agenda presented.


Apologies: Rachel Greenacre.


Minutes from previous meeting presented for matters arising.

  1. Y6 Leaver’s Hoodies – £634.50 for 47 hoodies
  2. Holy Communion update. Small gift to be purchased
  3. Tesco School Uniform – Racheal Confue to inquire to new school jumper contacts.
  4. Hi Viz Jackets for KS1 children. 2 more quotes required before making a decision.
  5. Easter Disco – A good event – Next disco 17th June 3:45pm start. Katrina, Shelley, Hannah, Sophie to organise. TD to rearrange Dance club that day.
  6. After School club – There has been enough interest to set up an after school club. SE asked PTFA to organise a parent team to skip things from the Presbytry rooms and decorate. 7th and 8th May agreed on.
  7. WHatsAPP set up successfully.
  8. Summer Fayre to be held on the 24th June
    • Hog Roast – Mr Moran to source equipment and roast – TD to find an area for it.
    • Sweet pots / plant pot
    • Scones for Cream Teas in the garden
    • Cake sale (donations)
    • Local crafts shops to buy a table?
    • Bouncy Castle
    • Kitchen to be used and returned as found.
    • Year 6 to organise Enterprise project activities. Profits to go to PTFA and then returned via a gift day. Year 6’s to also cash-up (money bags etc required).
    • KR stamp to ensure that all children visit each ‘zone’.
    • Tombola (donations required)
    • Raffle
    • Slush puppies
    • TD to speak to to organise an activity (Archery?)
    • Brik a brac (donations)
    • KM / Foundation to source plants for plant sale
    • Lucky dip
    • Hook a duck
    • Rotation of children running events?
    • Bottle themed activity (hoop a bottle, lucky dip)
    • Stocks- sponge Mr Driscoll?
    • Talent show the week before? Talent show winners perform to parents?
    • Mufti day the same day as the fayre?
    • Stagger sending things home so that it is not going out to parents all at once.
    • Raffle prizes to be donated? Start asking companies ASAP
    • Once children have been collected by parents open fayre to the public. Need to risk assess this.
    • Banner and balloons out the front of school?
    • Parent volunteers?
    • Bettle drive – quiz night for family to raise money – Hannah and Sophie to look into this – early autumn idea?
    • Family film night – through INTO film?
    • Wii – summer fayre – Tennis competition
    • Letter to invite for a table
    • How many stalls for Year 6 for summer fayre?
    • Hannah and Sophie to dress up as characters?
  • Dates for next meeting regarding the summer fayre: Wednesday 4th May (to decide what everyone will look into), Tuesday 24th May, and Tuesday 14th June.


  • Bounce castle – Tilly’s Dad, Hannah and Ian to look into bouncy castle quotes.
  • Martin’s mum to do a cookery club? Talk to Shelley
  • Summer fayre- early lunch that day to allow set up? Summer fayre from 2-5/6pm.
  • Tim to ask Cathedral for sound system for karaoke?
  • Ask LB to face paint and tattoos at summer fayre.
  1. Treasurer: Shelley to check Mount Batten funding from last year- See treasurers report. Current overall balance is£4099.31 (£102.62 cash float). Leah to get last year’s report submitted.
  2. Tattoos or face paint for next school disco? UV face paint and UV light?
  3. Tim to ring Brickfields about hiring an ice cream for sports day? PTFA to take any left over from summer fayre to brickfields for sports day.

PTFA Minutes of AGM 21st October 2015

Present: Benedicte, Andrew, Justine, Ian Taylor, Paul Cotter, Nancy Hardick, Tamsyn Taylor, Catarina Silva, Bethany Watters, Beth Gorton, Tim Driscoll, Sophie Heaton, Hannah Yorke, Leah Banham, Shelley England, Ricardo de Azambuja.

Apologies: Declan Schroeder

  1. The previous executive committee stood down and a new one elected:
    • Ian Taylor – Chair
    • Shelley England – Vice Chair
    • Secretary – Ricardo de Azambuja
    • Treasurer – Leah Banham
    • Buyer – Catarina Silva
  1. Leah provided each person present with the treasurers report, showing 3427.60 (53.83 cash float) in credit (where 500 is earmarked for Mountbatten trip).
  2. The Christmas School Disco has been booked for 11th December at St Judes Church Hall. Catarina to purchase supplies before the date. Shelley, Nancy, Tim Hannah, Benedicte and Catarina will be responsible for organising this year’s disco.
  3. Tamsyn brought up the idea of a Christmas Prize Draw. It was agreed that a group of parents would meet 3rd November (1.15pm) to write to various companies for prizes. Books will be printed, with each child taking home a £5 book to sell. These will go to print by 20th November. Therefore the window to procure prizes is narrow, but achievable. The draw will take place on the evening of the School Carol Service 14th December.   We agreed to sell mulled wine and mince pies at this event.   It was agreed that in order to maximise sales, there would be a prize to the child who sold the most tickets.
  4. Future events were discussed. This included the possibilities of an Easter Fayre, A grand opening of our new school building, An Easter Bonnet parade and a BBQ in Beaumont Park. It was agreed we would also look into tea towels and Christmas cards to sell for a profit.
  5. The PTFA agreed to raise money for the new school hall over the next couple of years, whilst still agreeing to provide coach travel to each class for at least one trip a year.
  6. New parents asked about school uniform availability and suggested we could use Tesco as another provider for parental choice. The jumpers are cheaper to buy and the school gains a percentage of all jumpers sold.
  7. Justine asked about the feasibility of registering with ‘Give as you Live’ as a way for online shoppers to raise money for our school. It was agreed that we would register.
  8. The date for the next meeting was agreed for 20th January at 3.30pm
  9. The PTFA would like to thank Miss Cairns for providing a creche in her room so that this meeting could take place.

If you spot anything wrong or have anything to add, please tell us!

Annual General Meeting – AGM – 2015

Dear friends!

The AGM will be held on the 21st October at 3:30pm at the Holy Cross Primary School. The meeting is going to be as fast as possible, so don’t be afraid of joining us 😉

It’s very important that as many parents and teachers as possible come because the PTFA works to raise money to improve the life at our school and without volunteers simply there’s no PTFA.

Don’t worry if you can help once a month, or once a year, or only through the internet… the important part is your participation and all the help is going to be very very welcomed 😀