PTFA Meeting 13th April 2016

Register taken.

No agenda presented.


Apologies: Rachel Greenacre.


Minutes from previous meeting presented for matters arising.

  1. Y6 Leaver’s Hoodies – £634.50 for 47 hoodies
  2. Holy Communion update. Small gift to be purchased
  3. Tesco School Uniform – Racheal Confue to inquire to new school jumper contacts.
  4. Hi Viz Jackets for KS1 children. 2 more quotes required before making a decision.
  5. Easter Disco – A good event – Next disco 17th June 3:45pm start. Katrina, Shelley, Hannah, Sophie to organise. TD to rearrange Dance club that day.
  6. After School club – There has been enough interest to set up an after school club. SE asked PTFA to organise a parent team to skip things from the Presbytry rooms and decorate. 7th and 8th May agreed on.
  7. WHatsAPP set up successfully.
  8. Summer Fayre to be held on the 24th June
    • Hog Roast – Mr Moran to source equipment and roast – TD to find an area for it.
    • Sweet pots / plant pot
    • Scones for Cream Teas in the garden
    • Cake sale (donations)
    • Local crafts shops to buy a table?
    • Bouncy Castle
    • Kitchen to be used and returned as found.
    • Year 6 to organise Enterprise project activities. Profits to go to PTFA and then returned via a gift day. Year 6’s to also cash-up (money bags etc required).
    • KR stamp to ensure that all children visit each ‘zone’.
    • Tombola (donations required)
    • Raffle
    • Slush puppies
    • TD to speak to to organise an activity (Archery?)
    • Brik a brac (donations)
    • KM / Foundation to source plants for plant sale
    • Lucky dip
    • Hook a duck
    • Rotation of children running events?
    • Bottle themed activity (hoop a bottle, lucky dip)
    • Stocks- sponge Mr Driscoll?
    • Talent show the week before? Talent show winners perform to parents?
    • Mufti day the same day as the fayre?
    • Stagger sending things home so that it is not going out to parents all at once.
    • Raffle prizes to be donated? Start asking companies ASAP
    • Once children have been collected by parents open fayre to the public. Need to risk assess this.
    • Banner and balloons out the front of school?
    • Parent volunteers?
    • Bettle drive – quiz night for family to raise money – Hannah and Sophie to look into this – early autumn idea?
    • Family film night – through INTO film?
    • Wii – summer fayre – Tennis competition
    • Letter to invite for a table
    • How many stalls for Year 6 for summer fayre?
    • Hannah and Sophie to dress up as characters?
  • Dates for next meeting regarding the summer fayre: Wednesday 4th May (to decide what everyone will look into), Tuesday 24th May, and Tuesday 14th June.


  • Bounce castle – Tilly’s Dad, Hannah and Ian to look into bouncy castle quotes.
  • Martin’s mum to do a cookery club? Talk to Shelley
  • Summer fayre- early lunch that day to allow set up? Summer fayre from 2-5/6pm.
  • Tim to ask Cathedral for sound system for karaoke?
  • Ask LB to face paint and tattoos at summer fayre.
  1. Treasurer: Shelley to check Mount Batten funding from last year- See treasurers report. Current overall balance is£4099.31 (£102.62 cash float). Leah to get last year’s report submitted.
  2. Tattoos or face paint for next school disco? UV face paint and UV light?
  3. Tim to ring Brickfields about hiring an ice cream for sports day? PTFA to take any left over from summer fayre to brickfields for sports day.