Our mission

The PTFA is primarily a fundraising charity (1105108) seeking to enhance the schooling experience of our children.  As parents, teachers and friends of Holy Cross Primary School we have identified the following activities that we wish to support over this academic year:

  1. Extra-curricular life experience activity (one event per class)
  2. A gift towards this year’s First Holy Communion candidates
  3. School leaving gift to the Year 6’s
  4. Any justified activity that needs financial support (subject to availability of funds).

To date, the PTFA ran two school Disco’s and THANK YOU for supporting us as we were able to raise £516.75 towards our annual target of £2,100 (this is to cover activities 1 to 3 above).  We will intend on holding a few more events this year, so your continued support is much appreciated.

Please note that other charities (e.g. CAFOD, Children in Need etc.) and individual class staff will run fundraising events through the school, so if you don’t see or hear our name then the funds raised will not go towards our annual target. From our stated fundraising activities, you will note that your support feeds back directly to your children.

Other fundraising activities scheduled for this year include:

  1. Summer (19th June) & Christmas (to be confirmed) discos.
  2. After school clubs (more details to follow shortly)
  3. School Fete & Fayre (Friday the 10th July: 3 to 6 pm). More detail will follow in a separate Newsletter, but in the meantime please note the date and we are relying on your continued support. We will need volunteers to run stalls, bake cakes, support staff etc. so please keep an eye and ear out for more information after the May spring break.
  4. Sale of school memorabilia such as class tea-towels.
  5. Support Sportday (13th / 14th July)
  6. World Cup Rugby event (more details to follow)
  7. Christmas puddings (November/December)


How can I get involved?

Simply join us at one of our regular PTFA meetings. We are currently a small core group of friendly parents and staff. We are not professional fundraisers, but we are none the less committed to supporting our school to enrich the lives of our children.

I don’t have the time to commit but can I still contribute in some way?

Absolutely yes!  We always need extra pair of hands when running events. You can either:

  • attend the occasional PTFA meeting.  By attending you are not committing to anything
  • email us: hc.ptfa@gmail.com;
  • visit our website:
  • talk to any of the PTFA committee members
  • talk to any of the school staff

Who is on the committee?

Our current Chair and Vice Chair are Declan Schroeder (dad of 3 children at Holy Cross) and Ian Taylor (a dad as well to one at Holy Cross). Leah Barnam (mum of 3 children at Holy Cross) and Ricardo de Azambuja (a dad whose son starting at Holy Cross last year) are our Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.  We then have designated people who go out and buy our resources for holding events (Catarina Silva (a mum of one at Holy Cross) and Mrs Maguire (Holy Cross’ Yr 3 teacher).


When do you meet?

We often meet after school in the Staff Room.  Our kids are entertained in a crèche run by a member of staff. We advertise the meeting date at least a week in advance in the School newsletter, however, if you want to contact us, please use the form below: